By using Download API, you declare to have read and to agree to terms and conditions,
and the downloaded GeoResource use conditions ("Accès et utilisation" section of each metadata).


You need an User who can download the requested GeoResource.
Done via HTTP Basic Authentication header (with its username and password).

It is recommended to create an User specific for this task, who can't create or edit GeoResources, to mitigate risk in case of credentials leak.

Download a GeoResource (simple)

For GeoResources where download is enabled, use URL as below, where 000000 is the metadata GUID.

Methods : GET, HEAD

Download a GeoResource over a specific area

For GeoResources where download is enabled and requires an area to be set, use URL as below, where 11111111-2222-3333-4444-555555555555 is the metadata GUID and 5586 is a "Commune" BFS number ("numéro OFS", Lausanne in this example).

Methods : GET, HEAD