By using Download API, you declare to have read and to agree to terms and conditions,
and the downloaded GeoResource use conditions ("Accès et utilisation" section of each metadata).


You need a User who can download the requested GeoResource.
Done via HTTP Basic Authentication header (with its username and password).

It is recommended to create a User specific for this task, who can't create or edit GeoResources, to mitigate risk in case of credentials leak.

Download a GeoResource (simple)

For GeoResources where download is enabled, use URL as below, where 000000 is the metadata GUID.

Methods : GET, HEAD

Download a GeoResource over a specific area

For GeoResources where download is enabled and requires an area to be set, use URL as below, where 11111111-2222-3333-4444-555555555555 is the metadata GUID and 5586 is a "Commune" BFS number ("numéro OFS", Lausanne in this example).

Methods : GET, HEAD